Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Spa Bargain

So because I suffer from Scoliosis, I do tend to treat myself with a massage every now and then. The last time I went, I noticed that the massage oil being used smelt more coconut-ty than before. When I asked what had changed, I was handed this little Sainsbury's number!

A solid, pure 100% coconut oil that melts luxuriously into your skin, hair or anywhere you feel needs some moisture. It is essentially a cooking oil and the smell of it in the tub itself does smell slightly food-like (if that makes sense) but I just can't get enough of using this at night after a bath, waking up and having the softest skin, it goes on like a dream.

You'll find this (actually rather large) tub, in the 'cooking oil' section for around £6 which I think is COMPLETELY worth the money - if you can get over the initial smell, I promise once it's on it's lovely!

Are there any other household beauty products I should know about?

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